Anonymous asked:
Michael Rowles - super!)


Yeup, Michael’s a great model and a super patient guy. He put up with all my antics and demands during our shoot together and he took directions like a pro.  

Also thanks for stopping by- I’m sure Michael will appreciate the comment. 

Johnny Valencia

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jazzminadibi asked:
Hay Johnny, I'm an Editor for an LA hip hop and urban lifestyle magazine called Coool Flame. LOVE your fashion selects. Would love to invite to our exclusive pre-grammy music, fashion, and charity networking event Wed. Jan. 22nd at Bardot, Hollywood. If interested, provide me your email and I'll send you the RSVP link. Paz!


I’m flattered you like my work- thanks so much. I definitely want details regarding the event. If my schedule allows I’d love to drop by. 

Here’s the e-mail address where you can send more info.:

Thanks again, your invite is greatly appreciated. 

Johnny Valencia

The LA Fashion Report

leliaison asked:
Good seein you today!!!


'Twas great seeing you as well. Say 'ello to your sister for me. 

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your Agenda visit, you looked great as always. 

See you around.

Johnny Valencia

The LA Fashion Report

Somewhere in Havana

Sunglasses: Cartier Santos

Shirt: Vivienne Westwood SS14

Pants: Levi’s

Bracelet: Paul Guillemette

Shoes: Model’s Own

Bag: Stylist’s Own

Hat: Víquez of Mexico

Model: Michael Rowles

Photographed & styled: Johnny Valencia

Location: Downtown Los Angeles

The LA Fashion Report