A Family that Designs Together Sticks Together : Meet the Scotts     

   I first heard of Brandon Scott, the man behind B:SCOTT, last year. FourTwoFour on Fairfax’s owner, G., invited the next door jr. fashion publicists to come preview Brandon’s FW11’s collection in a trunk show event dubbed  ”Every Man For Himself”.  Ever since then I’ve ran into Brandon on multiple occasions, most recently at the 722 Figueroa showroom, where I’m currently assisting with Han Cholo.    

    As a matter of fact, it was through 722 Figueroa that I found out about this event. Android Homme was celebrating the grand opening of its first store, IX II II, in Downtown LA, where consequently the current SCOTT x SCOTT collection is being housed. SCOTT x SCOTT, for those unaware, is the merged label of both Sarah Scott and her brother Brandon’s designs. Sarah also maintains her own namesake brand, SARAH SCOTT.    

   While I was snapping pictures I had the opportunity of running into the entire Scott family together. Brandon was floating around making sure his guests were accommodated, as was Sarah, so there was a brief moment where I was left alone with Marlene and Tom Scott. We chatted about their son and daughter’s hard work, their beginnings as a designer and what their children’s success means to them as parents. My conversation with Marlene and Tom was very inspiring and it inevitably made me think of my own parents and how I strive daily to make them proud. I thanked them so much for opening up to me and for never having given up on their children’s dreams.    

If you want to check out Brandon’s designs:  B:SCOTT, for Sarah’s : SARAH SCOTT.

Johnny Valencia

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