The Designer, the Stylist, and the Enabler

   Sarah Scott, on the left, is one half of the L.A. based label Scott x Scott and sister of Brandon Scott (who in turn is the creator of the eponymous label B. Scott- I hope you’re still with me). I met Sarah at the IX II II flagship store opening back in August; this new location houses both her and her brother’s label as well as Android Homme- luxe sneaker heads rejoice. I bumped into her at The Well’s SS13 party along with Melissa Triber (on the right). 

   I met Triber exactly a year ago on set of a Paper Mag shoot, Dog Days, wherein Triber was one of the models and I the lowly hat provider- but a darn good one at that. Triber is now a stylist for Paper Mag and when I also bumped into her at the party I introduced her to Scott- I figured, eh- I’m tipsy, taking pics, and these two are into fashion & could potentially work together so…why not? My thought process exactly. 

   They exchanged contact information then and there. Pfft, and they say networking is hard. 

Johnny Valencia

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